About Manor House Residential Home.

The HomeManor House Residential Home is situated just a short walk from the centre of Sutton-in-Ashfield town centre and market. Regular outings help clients to maintain close links with local community life.

Decor and furnishings have been carefully chosen to create a warm and homely atmosphere. Clients are encouraged to bring in personal belongings to assist in individualising their own rooms.

Manor House Care Home aims to provide its residents with a secure, relaxed, and homely environment in which their care, well being and comfort are of prime importance.

Carers will strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the residents ever-changing needs.

The HomeSuch needs may be medical/therapeutic (for physical and mental welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social, and residents are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised Care Plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and is greatly valued.

This will be achieved through programmes of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self -esteem, social interaction with other residents and with recognition of the following core values of care, which are fundamental to the philosophy of our Home:

  • PRIVACY: The right of a resident to be left alone and undisturbed as they wish.
  • DIGNITY: The understanding of a residents' needs and treating them with respect.
  • INDEPENDENCE: Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions and think and act for themselves.
  • CHOICE: Giving a resident the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.
  • RIGHTS: Keeping all basic human rights available to the residents.
  • FULFILMENT: Enabling the resident to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.

Care Speciality

Manor House is registered as a care home providing care with the following

  •       Dementia (DE)
  •       Over 65 years

Our Commitment...

...is to provide our residents with every comfort, whilst respecting their individuality.

We ensure that they are valued and are able to enjoy a meaningful life.

Statement of Purpose

  • To provide a secure relaxed happy and homely atmosphere for the client to live in, and for staff to work in.
  • To provide a high standard of residential care whilst assisting all clients to maintain privacy, dignity, choice and independence.
  • To encourage clients to lead a life as normal and fulfilled as they are able within the constraints of their abilities and the environment.
  • To ensure that all staff remember the importance of it being the clients home and that they should be able to please themselves.